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Hamilton Southeastern Schools students are expected to maintain an appearance that is appropriate for school and conducive to the educational atmosphere. The appearance and dress of any student is the primary responsibility of both the student and the parent. Whenever a school official considers a student’s appearance to be inappropriate for the educational environment, a conference will be held and the student will be asked to make a modification.
The following are examples of clothing or items that are considered to be inappropriate:
  • Clothing and/or any adornment displaying messages or images not appropriate for school. Examples would be messages containing profanity; sexual innuendo; references to drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or violence; or messages that incite hate towards other students or student groups.
  • Clothing that is designed to reveal buttocks, torso, undergarments, or the lack of undergarments.
  • Masks (Note: personal protective equipment is acceptable)
  • Heavy and/or long coats.
  • Strapless tops; tank-tops must fit tightly under arms.
  • Any item that might cause a concern for student safety.
  • Unsafe (or lack of) footwear.
  • Unapproved face painting, eyewear, costume apparel, spray painted hair, etc.
  • Blankets or pillows.
  • Signs, flags, or non-educational items that the school can reasonably forecast will substantially or materially disrupt the school environment.
Students who violate the dress code may face disciplinary action.

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