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Staff Directory

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Shannon Alexander

Titles: Media Center Assistant
Departments: Library / Media Center

Brian Arthur

Titles: Wellness Teacher
Departments: P.E., Health and Nutrition

Eric Baker

Titles: Instructional Assistant
Departments: Exceptional Learners

Jon Baker

Titles: Math 7 Teacher
Departments: Mathematics

Cindy Baney

Titles: Choir/General Music
Departments: Performing Arts

Christian Beachum

Titles: Band Teacher
Departments: Performing Arts

Kim Beaulieu

Titles: FOCUS Teacher
Departments: Exceptional Learners

Sheila Beck

Titles: Permanent Sub
Departments: Office Staff

Andy Belloli

Titles: Social Studies 8 Teacher
Departments: Social Studies

Madeline Boyd

Titles: Art Teacher
Departments: Visual Arts

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